This is similar to the romance nayantara and brahmanandam had in the movie Adurs. Despite her attempts to become a heroine, an actress found success as a character actor. This lady caught the attention of a director, who gave her opportunities in some of his movies. However, the worship continued after that. He gave her a villa and a Benz automobile as gifts. Additionally, he has given her numerous expensive gifts at various periods. 

Finally, the actress became bored and the director became worn out. They are now split apart. But up until the separation, it turned out to be a very expensive "affair" for the filmmaker. He changed his attention to dedication. Eventually, the woman found peace, and she is now calmly portraying various personalities in movies. The filmmaker is looking for the ideal producer to make a huge movie and make up for the money lost on his previous affair.

This is something on the lines of the track between nayantara and brahmanandam in the film Adurs. An actress settled as a character artist though tried to become a heroine. A director developed a crush on this lady and gave some chances in his films. But the worship didn't stop there. He gifted her with a  benz car and a villa.

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