Mahesh Babu's sadness must be unbearable for him to accept the death of his father, Superstar Krishna. Even as he accepted condolences from visitors, the actor was seen in tears. Nandamuri balakrishna is the only superstar who could bring cheer and distraction to mahesh babu during these trying times. In fact, that photo has gone viral across various social media platforms.

A picture of mahesh babu smiling at something balayya said went viral. While fans of mahesh babu are overjoyed, the curiosity to hear what the dialogue could have been remains. Now we know what they were talking about. Now, we came to know what was the conversation about and why there was smiles during that conversation between the actors.

Mahesh Babu and balakrishna were reportedly having a casual talk. When gautam came, balakrishna is alleged to have told mahesh babu, 'Meevaadu peddodayyadu, hero ni cheseyachu,' which translates loosely as, 'Gautam is all grown up and he can be introduced as a hero.' Balayya's words have brought a grin on Mahesh Babu's face. The photo quickly went viral, and Mahesh Babu's followers congratulated balayya for it. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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