The Rock star yash has kept a modest profile since the release of kgf 2. He is still undecided about what his Yash19 project will be. He is unsure of the kind of project he needs to accept in order to equal or exceed the success of the kgf series. There were rumours that yash would make a significant announcement around the date of Republic Day. Fans anticipated it to be the announcement of his upcoming movie, who are anxiously awaiting their star to make the news public.

The major news, though, is that yash will be endorsing one of the most well-known soft drink brands, according to the most recent rumours. He has emerged as the face of a well-known soft drink company. In a typical situation, any fanbase would be ecstatic to see their hero become the face of such a significant company. No kannada actor has ever been a spokesperson for such a well-known company.

But this new development hasn't exactly pleased the supporters. They anticipated yash to reveal his upcoming project rather than his brand affiliations. They need some information from yash regarding his upcoming plans because they are growing impatient and frustrated. According to reports, Lohith nk will produce Yash's subsequent film under the KVN Productions label.

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