Many directors freely adapt ideas from Korean and Spanish films or steal entire works. And some movies, like "Oh Baby," were formally dubbed into our languages when the rights were bought. A new Korean thriller is currently in the works for telugu, according to the same producer Sunitha Tati of Guru films who previously worked on Oh Baby, Saakini Daakini, and Dongalunnaru Jagratta.

In the Korean thriller series "He Is Psychometric," a guy who suffers a tragic accident learns he has psychic abilities. This Korean film will get an official telugu web series remake. The producer announced that they would be remaking six Korean movies. After "He is Psychometric," "Saakini Daakini," and "Oh Baby," they assert to have three more Korean remakes in development, one of which will be a suspenseful crime drama.

Park Jin-young, Shin Ye-eun, Kim Kwon, and Kim Da-som starred in the 2019 Korean television series. Cast and crew information for the indian adaptation has not yet been released. Knowing who will be using the megaphone for the remake will be intriguing. According to Wikipedia, psychometry is a type of extrasensory perception that is defined by the capacity to draw connections by physically touching a subject or an item. According to the plot, the series' main character uses his supernatural talent to solve crimes.

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