Before having an accident, arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu) is about to solve a significant case regarding the death of his friend aryan Dev (Bharath). It causes some memory loss. As part of the mumbai Trio, which also includes arjun and Aryan, Mohan Bhargav (Sreekanth) puts arjun back on the case as soon as he recovers. Did he catch the murderer? The main goal of the film is to discover who he is.

In Hunt, sudheer babu plays a difficult role. Although it appears to be a typical officer role on the outside, there are many internal factors at play. When taken as a whole, he has done okay. sudheer babu has two facets to the job. There is the typical arrogant cop performance, and there is also the alternative, which is a soft-spoken guy who performs his duties methodically. Both call for a particular level of energy, and sudheer babu has shown he can hit the mark in some areas. 

In contrast to the angry parts, where he appears to be trying hard, he has handled the quieter man parts nicely. The latter doesn't appear as organic. Without a doubt, Hunt will eventually rank among Sudheer Babu's best works due to the characterization and effort. He hasn't, however, reached the full potential of the role.

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