Everyone is anticipating what SS rajamouli will offer moviegoers next after fantastic blockbusters like Baahubali and RRR. Everyone is eager to see what rajamouli has in store, especially in light of the widespread praise and accolades for RRR. When the film is released, it will undoubtedly be the largest movie spectacle from india because he has this time paired up with a superstar like Mahesh Babu.

Sudheer Babu, the brother-in-law of mahesh babu, will soon release the action thriller Hunt. He shared some fascinating details regarding the mahesh babu and rajamouli project during one of the promotional interviews. Mahesh is currently in a very different mood, according to Sudheer Babu. He has never been more concentrated for a movie, in my opinion. He is making every effort to maintain the best shape. Additionally, he once told me that if rajamouli asks him tomorrow, he is in a position where he can do anything.

After a 12-year absence, trivikram srinivas and mahesh babu reunite, which is significant news in and of itself. athadu and khaleja are two movies in which the two have worked. SSMB28 filming reportedly began last year, but mahesh babu was dissatisfied and urged trivikram to rewrite the script. Action directors ram Laxman are now on board after Anbariv completed the action sequences and they shot certain scenes.

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