salman Khan's appearance in Shahrukh Khan's Pathaan is a runaway success. Since yash Raj Films has previously said that Spy Multiverse is in development, they have shrewdly introduced Agent tiger (Salman) to defend Agent Pathaan. Additionally, they have had them mouth lines that give away a lot about a major multi-starrer that will probably be released shortly.

Salman tells SRK in the movie, "Don't die, I need you for a mission in another nation! ", hinting to what the audience will soon witness. The pep chat between salman and SRK that occurs toward the end of the film is really receiving more attention than this dialogue. As they have been working for 30 years, both truly talk about retiring from their jobs before adding that no child is really a match for them. Finally, they wish to keep working in that manner.

While Pathaan and tiger appear to be discussing their roles as spies and agents for the country, the real goal of the sequence is to poke other young heroes and highlight their star power. As salman and SRK both said they are unlikely to cool off anytime soon, this came out as a beautiful warning to upcoming star heroes. Okay, go for it!

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