Waltair Veerayya, starring megastar chiranjeevi, had one of the most surprising box office numbers in recent memory and only garnered ratings of 2.50 stars. After that, it's funny to see that Pathaan is following a similar path, despite the fact that some bollywood critics gave the movie 4.5 stars while others thought it was just a mediocre movie. These two movies have this in common.

Regardless of the reviews, Waltair Veerayya profited greatly from the Sankranthi holiday period as the movie made 100 crores in just three days of release. Similar to raising the bar, Pathaan reached a gross of more over 215 crores in just two days after release. The resemblance is between the situations rather than the group. Fans in tollywood had been waiting a long time to see megastar chiru in a big-screen role with classic comedy timing, but only Waltair Veerayya managed to pull it off. Due to this, a red carpet was laid out for the film, regardless of its topic.

Shah Rukh Khan's fans have been looking to him with hope for a successful movie due to his long streak of underwhelming performances. Despite subpar VFX and a lack of an emotional connection, the action in the movie worked out nicely, leading to this enormous success. In this manner, Pathaan and Veerayya acquired similarities.

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