A new movie, Sudheer Babu's "Hunt," was released last friday after a solid three weeks had passed since the Sankranthi holiday. Even though Sudheer's follow-up to "Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali" was a quick release, many predicted that he would succeed this time. However, this "Hunt" won't be looking for his career's lack of a big-budget hit.

Sudheer's Hunt failed to generate Sudheer's Hunt income from the box office due to its lack of emotional connection and an interesting story. However, sudheer babu deserves praise for agreeing to play a police officer who kills his own friend after the friend learns about his covert homosexual liaison.

Even though there hasn't been a genuine gay love moment depicted, Sudheer has acted in this scene where he gets out of bed with another man. The gifted hero deserves praise for taking on this job in such a risky manner. This movie is a remake of the malayalam film "Mumbai police," which first came out ten years ago and starred Prithviraj. Therefore, it would have been preferable if the script had been modified. Because while displaying something gay might have been surprising ten years ago, nobody is truly astonished by that aspect today.

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