Every time a famous person passes away, word of their biopic quickly spreads throughout the world. The late actress Jamuna, a star heroine of 198 films throughout her career, was never officially given a Padma award, but several prominent names are now prepared to make a film about her life and times.

Even though the project's specifics are yet unknown, it has recently come to light that a major production company has approached milky beauty tamannaah bhatia to portray jamuna in the biopic. There are rumours that certain tollywood producers are considering doing a biography of jamuna after the box office success of mahanati, which starred Keerthy suresh as the renowned actress Savitri. But there's a problem.

In reality, a lot of suffering for the main character is necessary for biopics to succeed, as it did in the case of mahanati or Mary Kom's biopic. Savitri's life is an emotional roller coaster, and the kinds of situations she encountered and how she dealt with her troubled marriage and alcoholism are what make her likeable. Nothing of the sort occurs in Jamuna's life because everything goes well in her life. Filmmakers should therefore carefully consider what works in her biopic before starting a new project.

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