Flora (Eve Hewson) and her 14-year-old son Max (Orén Kinlan), who is just one infraction away from being sent to a juvenile detention centre, frequently argue. Flora struggled to be a good mother while remaining loyal to herself when she gave birth to Max when she was only 17 years old. Her ex-husband Ian (Jack Reynor) can only do so much, and she is left to raise Max alone while working many jobs. Flora decides to take up guitar lessons with Jeff (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a Los Angeles-based music instructor and songwriter, as something for herself. The two support one another in various ways.

Despite the characters' severe flaws, Flora in particular is giving it her all. This makes it simple to support her throughout the entire movie. Even though she occasionally wishes to be free of her kid and the problems he causes, one can sense her struggles and the depth of her love for him. These are all common emotions, and Flora and Son illustrates how challenging motherhood can be, but it isn't interested in treating Flora like a saint since she is a complex human being. She makes poor choices, gets furious frequently, and isn't always the perfect mother, but that's also what keeps Flora grounded and makes her so relatable.

Flora and Son is laid-back and entertaining. The performers have excellent comic timing, and Carney has a way of framing sequences so that they appear to be going one way before revealing another, which heightens the humour in the movie. Although Flora and Max's relationship is chaotic, they do show a lot of affection for one another. Flora demonstrates her love in a variety of ways, particularly through encouraging her son's musical aspirations, which enables them to connect in their own special way. The movie isn't focused on concluding all of its unresolved issues. It's just vibrating, which is appropriate for the narrative it's telling.

Flora and Son will make viewers laugh and clap their hands to the song in addition to touching their hearts. The act of creating music with others and experiencing the profundity of a song's lyrics contribute to a number of poignant scenes in the movie. The core of the movie is centred on Flora's relationship with her son and her developing romance with Jeff, but their individual connections to the music they each compose is also extremely unique. Overall, Carney's most recent work is upbeat, really pleasurable, and fulfilling. One can't help but smile while watching this movie because audiences won't be able to help how attached they feel to the characters.

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