Huge rumours concerning Mohan Cherukuri (CVM) and other producers have surfaced in the film business ever since Nani's upcoming movie was revealed. This producer was once a partner of Mythri movie Makers, and rumours began to circulate that things were not going well between the partners, which is why they were splitting up in this way.

However, the #Nani30 launch event demonstrated that there are no such divisions. What do you know, the key financiers of Mythri were also those that funded Anil Sunkara's 14 Reels before. They started Mythri after parting from them, and CVM has now split from Mythri to launch their own Vyra production company. However, they are all friendly since they all attended today's #Nani30 launch and gave the new producers their blessings.

Sometimes it takes breaking away from existing partnerships in order to expand significantly in a firm. There are numerous examples of this, such as when DVV Danayya and Haarika china Babu produced films together before separating to create their respective telugu film industries. Therefore, just because a partner of a large production company starts a new business doesn't necessarily indicate that they are at odds. They merely wish to develop personally.

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