The Cyberabad police have detained a telugu film assistant director and his assistant for their involvement in a significant sex ring that was discovered. Four victims who were forced into the flesh trade were also saved by the police during the operation. The Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Cyberabad police detained suresh Boina alias Kumar Setty alias karan alias suresh Siddarth, 32, who works as an assistant director in the telugu film business, along with Mekala akhil Kumar alias akhil Ashwin alias James, 37. Four websites that were used to facilitate the sex trade, according to Cyberabad police commissioner stephen Raveendra, have been taken down.

After moving his headquarters to Hyderabad, suresh, who had previously operated a sex business in Goa, forced over 500 women into trade for significant clientele. He forced 500 people into commerce from West Bengal, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc., and abused 35 women sexually.

They would publish adverts on websites and make contact with clients using whatsapp and call centres. According to the authorities, prostitution would occur in several hotels throughout the city. The most recent arrests follow a massive scam that Cyberabad police cracked on december 5, 2022, when they detained 18 suspects who coerced almost 14,000 victims into the flesh trade.

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