Actor-producer bandla ganesh describes himself as one of power star Pawan Kalyan's biggest fans. His well-liked audio talks he recorded to promote pawan kalyan have a sizable following as well. His catchphrase, "Eeshwara... Powereshwara... Pawaneshwara," became well-known throughout the telugu states and is still used by many followers.  The social media wars has started for no reason and this time PK fans have targeted Bandla Ganesh

A devoted fan is currently the target of trolling from other supporters. The debut of Pawan Kalyan's episode from Unstoppable with NBK season 2 served as the catalyst. In the episode, Pawan complains that he wasn't paid what he had hoped to receive for Gabbar Singh. bandla ganesh donated what he could. He didn't pay me what I was expecting, pawan kalyan claimed during the exchange. social media users shared this claim widely. d d d

A supporter who disapproved of bandla ganesh published the video. In response to the tweet, the latter berated the fan for making untrue accusations. Additionally, this twitter battle gained popularity online. Ganesh quickly removed the tweet. In general, bandla ganesh and Pawan supporters fought over a little comment made by Pawan against 10-year-old Gabbar Singh.

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