Actor vijay deverakonda and producer dil raju recently discussed the possibility of working together. The news of their collaboration toward parasuram was, however, leaked yesterday morning before it was formally announced, surprising many. In response to the disclosure, dil raju lashed out at his PR department. The announcement of dil Raju's collaboration with Vijay devarakonda and parasuram upset allu aravind, who was going to film Geeta Govindam-2 with the same Vijaya Devarakonda-Parasuram combination.

Dil Raju reportedly angered allu aravind by stealing the lead actor and the director. In the meantime, director Parusuram and his wife made an effort to meet with aravind to explain things to him. The pair, however, was not given an appointment. A news conference was scheduled for that evening, and Allu Aravind's PR staff immediately leaked information about it to the media, implying that aravind would discuss Parasuram's bypassing activities. It took parasuram and his wife a lengthy, anxious wait before they were given an appointment since aravind had repeatedly refused to meet them. The meeting's outcome caused tension to develop between aravind and Parasuram.

Sources claim that aravind feels saddened by dil Raju's conduct and that their relationship is currently strained. aravind appears to have instructed the parasuram couple to never bring up their disagreement with him again. According to sources, aravind thinks parasuram is very close to him but is astonished to see him betray him without telling him what's going on behind the scenes. He then bad him farewell.

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