The magnum opus of ram charan and shankar is being postponed since the filmmaker is juggling two projects. Alongside ram Charan's movie, he is now working on "Indian 2." shankar recently wrapped up filming for "Indian 2" with Kamal Haasan, and he's about to get back to work on ram Charan's movie. Rumor has it that shankar is working on a huge song with dancers and ram Charan. 

Over 500 dancers are anticipated to perform in the tune. The start date is later this week. There are rumours that shankar and producer Dil Raju don't agree on spending and budget. shankar is, nonetheless, Shankar. He won't skimp on the decorations or the extravagance. shankar is renowned for shooting songs on a grand scale and using original concepts.

'Indian 2', starring Kamal Haasan, has recently resumed production, and things are moving quite smoothly. Since he is also working on "RC 15," director shankar has teamed together with some of his former colleagues for "Indian 2." Vasanta Balan assisted shankar in the production of the movies gentleman and Kaadhalan. Due to the marriage of Kiara, now the song shooting has been postponed a bit and it will resume soon as per sources.

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