Tollywood's month of february got off to a dismal start with the box office failures of Michael and Butta Bomma. Although writer Padmabhushan is doing well both domestically and internationally, it is not enough to raise the industry's enthusiasm. A few low- and medium-budget films will be released in tollywood over the coming weeks.

Amigos, a thriller about doppelgängers, is forthcoming from kalyan Ram. Expectations for the movie are reasonable, especially since ram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kalyan ram is following the hugely successful Bimbisara and because Mythri Movies is a well-known production company. The movie debuts on february 10. If the theme resonates, Dhanush's Sir/Vaathi could also come as a surprise. After a string of subpar OTT releases, dhanush is making a comeback to the big screen. venky Atluri, the director, is regarded as being a decent director. The movie will debut on february 17 and is supported by sithara Entertainments.

Vinaro Bhagyamu vishnu Katha, a family comedy, is another project by kiran Abbavaram. On february 17, the movie will be available as a Shiv Ratri gift. The songs are now well-known. This movie is being made by the struggling GA 2 Pictures label, which is hoping it will help them get out of their current slump. In addition to Popcorn, Vasantha Kokila, and sridevi Shoban Babu, there are additional movies scheduled to be out in February. It would be interesting to see if any of these movies manage to surprise audiences at the box office and liven up february, which is currently looking blah.

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