These famous stars of the sports world became criminals in love and went to jail for crimes ranging from partner's murder to assault

Players Jailed For Violence With Partner: vinod kambli has been accused of domestic violence by his wife. Many celebrities in the sports world have faced such allegations earlier also.

Former cricketer vinod kambli is currently in discussion due to allegations of assault with his wife. Even before Kambli, there have been many players who have been accused of assaulting their wives or girlfriends. Some veteran players got angry with their partner's infidelity and even shot bullets in his chest. Know which are the stars who have committed serious crimes in love.

Leslie Hylton

West Indies cricketer Leslie Helton is the only player to have been hanged to date. When Helton came to know about his wife's infidelity, he became enraged and fired bullets into his wife's chest. Later, considering this crime heinous, the court sentenced him to death.

Michael Slater

Former Australian cricketer and commentator Michael Slater made many allegations about his ex-girlfriend. In the year 2021, Slater was accused of domestic violence, profanity, and abuse by his then-partner. After these allegations, he had to go to jail for some time. However, in his defense in court, he had said that he was not mentally well.

 Luke Pomersbach

Luke Pomarbach of australia was accused of misbehaving with an indian woman during the IPL. In the year 2012, Luke played for RCB. During this, a woman had made serious allegations against him, after which his passport was confiscated and he was also arrested. Pomarbach has also been accused of assaulting his fiancee.

 Oscar Pistorius

South African athlete oscar Pistorius, known as Blade Runner, was sentenced to this in the year 2017. Pistorius had said in his defense that he had suspected a thief coming into the house and therefore had fired in self-defense. However, the court, while accepting the prosecution's argument, admitted that he had committed this act in anger because of his girlfriend's affair with someone else.

 Vinod Kambli

Vinod Kambli's wife has accused him of assault a few days ago. Kambli's wife Andrea Hewitt has alleged in a written complaint to the police that the former cricketer, in an inebriated state, had hit her on the head with a frying pan. Kambli was also accused of misbehavior by his first wife.

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