Rashmika Mandanna has recently been quite busy. She has been juggling promotions and back-to-back shoots in several cities. She was finally able to take some time off and pay a brief visit to coorg, which is where she was born and raised. Mandanna visited coorg for a puja and spent time with her parents, sister, and other family members. While the actress was having a good time, she broke down in tears and shared a photo of herself getting some sun on social media. She records.

"Hello diary.
Again, a while has passed.
But I simply wanted to say that yesterday was fantastic.
My sister was rolling around on the bed next to me when I woke up yesterday, so I'll write about that tomorrow.
It had been a long since I had returned home, but I was compelled to do so by my mother for a Pooja, and I'm pleased I did because I stayed for a day. I was able to view them.
As usual when I go home, I become incredibly sluggish and don't do anything other than give my sister a billion kisses, give my mother a big embrace, and talk business with Papa.

flew in the middle of the night to get to Hyderabad. ❤️
Sounds like a good day, doesn't it?"

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