In the US, "Pathaan" performed better than "RRR" at the box office. Within just two weeks, this feat was completed. "Pathaan" topped "RRR's" lifetime earnings of $14.42 million with Monday's earnings. "Pathaan" is anticipated to make an additional two to three million dollars in the upcoming weeks. In terms of lifetime profits, it is unlikely to exceed Rajamouli's mega-blockbuster "Baahubali 2."

"Pathaan" has the potential to top the charts in the united states based on ticket sales and audience attendance. "Baahubali 2" and "RRR" were both screened for $21 to $41 in the early weeks. Despite the fact that both movies made more money, far fewer people viewed them than they did. On the other hand, "Pathaan" was viewed for $13 right away. As a result, more tickets are being sold.

"Pathaan" is currently on its way to becoming the most popular indian film in the united states in terms of attendance. However, it is unknown what "Pathaan's" total lifetime earnings will be. The movie is a solid actioner. The audience did, however, respond favourably to it and SRK proves to the whole Globe that he is the undisputed king at the box office and no one can dethrone him.

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