Naga Shaurya is currently going through a rough time in his career after a string of failures. He took some time off, and since then, he's started several intriguing ventures. Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi is one of these movies. On february 9th, a sneak peek at this Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi, on which Shaurya and Avasarala srinivas are collaborating, will be shown.

In these trying times of his career, Shaurya is making a fair gamble with this, it must be noted. First of all, because Shaurya and srinivas avasarala collaborated on Oohalu Gusa Gusalade, it has a combined benefit. Their upcoming partnership is certain to garner some attention. This movie is being funded by people media Factory, whose recent track record has been strong thanks to the success of movies like Dhamaka and karthikeya 2. So, to put it mildly, this is obviously a good combo for Shaurya. He ought to have great expectations for the movie.

The Phalana Abbayi trailer The upcoming romantic comedy Phalana Ammayi, starring naga Shaurya and malavika Nair, is scheduled to hit theatres on Thursday, according to the film's creators, who also released a trailer. PAPA, a production of TG vishwa Prasad and Padmaja Dasari, is set in the UK.

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