One post...the whole rumor is close..!? trisha in Kashmir..!

Due to the current snowfall in kashmir, the team of Leo is thinking of finishing the shoot early and returning to Chennai. trisha has committed to playing the heroine in lokesh Kanagaraj's upcoming film Leo. She is acting opposite Vijay in the film. While the first phase of Leo was shot in chennai and the second phase in Munnar, the third phase is currently being shot in Kashmir. For this, at the end of last month, the entire crew flew to kashmir in a separate plane. Then actress trisha also went along.
Three days after the shooting started in kashmir, there were reports that actress trisha had left Kashmir. Rumors started circulating on social media that she had fought with lokesh and returned to chennai in anger. But actress Trisha's mother Uma confirmed in a recent interview that this is not true. However, the question arose as to why she had come to delhi from kashmir and stayed. Now it's gone. There is heavy snowfall in Kashmir. Unable to bear the cold, actress trisha came to delhi and stayed in a hotel there. trisha has now left for kashmir again. She took a video from the plane and published the scene where the entire kashmir is surrounded by snow. With this single post, trisha has put an end to the rumor that she has quit the movie, Leo.The team of Leo had planned to shoot in kashmir for 2 months. But due to the current snowfall there, they are thinking of finishing the shoot early and returning to Chennai. Due to this, lokesh is shooting the scenes at a fast pace. It is reported that Mishkin will soon go to kashmir to participate in the Leo shooting.

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