Everyone who has seen the advertisements for the upcoming big-budget movie "Dasara" will undoubtedly wonder why the movie's hero, nani, is promoting it alone, without the aid of his director and heroine. The participation of big-name actors like Keerthy suresh and srikanth Odela, a promising new director, would have undoubtedly changed the atmosphere or contributed more to it. Why are they absent, then?

As it turns out after checking, Keerthy Suresh's filming schedule prevents her from joining Nani. While she lives in Hyderabad, she is now filming "Bhola Shankar" with megastar chiranjeevi because she is the hero's sister in the movie. She is rumored to be handling dasara promotions and recording some media interviews throughout the evenings.

About the director srikanth Odela, it is reported that some of the dasara VFX is being completed in a studio abroad, and he is present to complete the final renders. Although the director is keen on quality, he doesn't want to stay back in india and offers hints to CG teams through video chats. He is doing the post-production work, which is why he is not present at the film's promotions. That clarifies why nani is working alone to promote the movie. But he's really having an impact on the campaign with the way he's leading it.

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