Marriages in the mega family seem to have a brief lifespan, as if they are subject to some sort of curse. Both the problems in Chiranjeevi's family and Pawan Kalyan's failed relationships are well known. According to rumours, Nagababu's daughter niharika and son-in-law chaitanya are involved in a similar circumstance that is taking place in his home. Although this rumour has been been around for a while, Niharika's social media activity has recently gone significantly quiet, and chaitanya is not present in pictures of the Mega family.

However, recent rumours say that the couple unfollowed one another on social media, with chaitanya deleting a number of his older posts. It is challenging to make judgements without more information. But later this year, nagababu hopes to wed his son varun Tej. varun Tej is rumoured to be getting married shortly, although there has been no official confirmation. There are problems with the Mega Brother family's situation. For more information, we must wait and see.

The news has once again focused on niharika Konidela, sister of varun Tej and the daughter of actor-producer naga Babu. The actress-producer, who wed chaitanya JV, also known as chaitanya Jonnalagadda, is reportedly considering getting a divorce. The news of the couple's split has been discussed frequently. According to reports, chaitanya unfollowed niharika and erased all of his wedding photos from his instagram account. niharika also stopped following chaitanya on social media.

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