When two actors and a director work poorly together, a lot of hostility can be generated around them. This is what happened to aspiring filmmaker venky Kudumula. While the introduction of his new movie, which he termed #VNRTrio, was thrilling and catchy, it also gave rise to some other rumors that eventually came to pass.

Venky, who has reportedly been drafting a script for chiranjeevi for years, was slated to work with the megastar. However, rumors have persisted that the Matinee Idol didn't like the script and that the movie might not be made. Due to all the rumors, venky eventually switched to Nithin's movie and cast rashmika as the lead. More rumors that chiru had ousted venky spread after that, however, today the same megastar showed up as a Chief Guest for Venky's new movie debut.

Definitely arrival of chiranjeevi is washing out all the negative buzz around venky kudumula and the so-called project. Additionally, we may infer from Chiru's attendance that the two would be working together on a movie soon. Regardless of whether or not that occurs, chiru and Venky's reputations have now improved due to the canceled project.

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