Being the first indian movie and indian film team to attend and even win an oscar, "RRR" undoubtedly made history. One of them, for creating the lyrics to the movie's song "Naatu Naatu," is the talented writer Chandrabose. And on another occasion, as he was recounting his oscar experience, he made some significant admissions.

In addition to meeting many admirers and well-wishers, chandrabose is also displaying the oscar trophy he received for the song "Naatu Naatu" to them. The way he described how the first two telugu words ever spoken and sang on the oscar stage were the largest historical moment the rrr team generated is actually grabbing attention more than the Oscar. He declares, "Polam is the first telugu word ever sung on the oscar stage (Polam gattu.. is the song's opening line) and Namaste is the first telugu word ever spoken (Chandrabose said it during the winner's speech), and that makes me proud."

He continued by saying that "polam" relates to our way of life and "namaste" to our culture. Everyone who heard it was undoubtedly shocked, and the chandrabose video is currently trending on social media. After hearing him speak, it is clear that we should be pleased with what he has accomplished for telugu speakers all over the world with the help of rajamouli and Keeravani.

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