The subject of Naatu Naatu seems to go on forever. rrr may be seen everywhere, from individuals dancing to the well-known hook step of Naatu Naatu again to the team enjoying their first anniversary and oscar triumph. When asked about the oscar victory, the rrr team reacted modestly, saying that it belonged to all of the individuals who had contributed to making rrr what it is today. ajay devgn, a bollywood actor, has, of course, hilariously claimed the oscar victories for Naatu Naatu.

In rrr, ajay devgn, who played Rama Raju's revolutionary father, had a significant part. In a recent interview with kapil sharma to promote his upcoming film Bholaa, ajay devgn said something that had everyone in stitches. When ajay Devgan received praise from kapil sharma for Naatu Naatu's oscar victory, ajay Devgan responded, "RRR won an oscar because of me." ajay said, "Agar maine uss gaane mein naach diya hota toh (What if I had danced in the song)," when Kapil questioned how. making light of his shoddy dance abilities.

He meant that if he had performed for the song instead of ram charan and NTR, it would never have won an Oscar. The humorous banter between ajay devgn and kapil sharma was adored by the rrr audience. Bholaa, starring ajay devgn and Tabu, hits theatres on march 30. The film was directed by ajay Devgn.

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