Producer ms raju is responsible for a number of timeless and successful films. Raju went in a completely new direction as a director. He enjoys films about relationships and new-age romance that are daring and contentious. He makes movies aimed at young people. His film, Dirty Hari, is audacious. The movie caused a lot of buzz among professionals. Raju performed the young love story 7 Days 6 Nights.

Now, Raju surprised many people by revealing that he will be directing "Malli Pelli" alongside naresh VK and Pavithra. The glimpse has already generated conversation in both telugu and Kannada. Here is the excitement surrounding this movie, though. It is rumoured that the movie will be completely different from the sneak peek. According to rumors, Malli Pelli will take a highly daring and contentious stance on issues like marriage and remarriage.

While Raju remains coy regarding the subject matter and intended audience for the movie, there are rumours that Raju had planned a contentious movie with naresh and Pavitra at its core criticising the marriage system. naresh and Pavitra's off-screen relationship and real-life situations may potentially have components that heighten the issue. We must wait and watch for ms raju to provide additional information.

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