After becoming superstars, it's usual to see that south performers, particularly telugu heroes, don't connect with the public very much, don't appear in many tv ads, and don't participate in many promotional events. However, Nandamuri balakrishna, a senior, is currently changing the regulations as we speak.

Without a doubt, presenting the "Unstoppable" discussion show has improved Balayya's reputation, particularly with the family audiences. In addition to becoming closer to them, his movies are now successful not only in B&C centers but also in A centers. balayya is simultaneously working in tv commercials, and picture sessions, and attending various reality shows as a guest. He recently signed up to commentate the IPL in a unique telugu edition. Additionally, he might appear as this year's #BiggBoss host.

We should investigate why balayya is working like a newcomer to the film industry when his contemporaries are other superstars of the contemporary day who take vacations, go on world tours, and then do films in between. The senior actor is undoubtedly doing the appropriate efforts to enhance his image and maintain constant attention. Remember that he also has family obligations and is involved in politics, social service, and managing Basavatarakam Hospital.


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