Despite having great hopes, Vishwak Sen did not benefit significantly from "Das Ka Dhamki." His ability to draw crowds in the united states was also shown by the film's successful opening day. The movie earned more than $300k at the box office despite receiving mixed to unfavourable reviews. He has certainly developed a bond with the kids as a necessary result.

Domestic collections started out robust, but they soon started to decline. The second part of "Dhamki" was poorly handled and directed by Vishwak Sen, according to the general consensus. He lost concentration and started dabbling in directing and production instead of focusing on his flourishing acting career. His friends and well-wishers advised him to concentrate on his acting career and direct movies that would appeal to youthful audiences as a result.

He recently agreed to a movie contract with sithara Entertainments, and he will play a hero in these movies. Another illustration of Vishwak Sen's risk-taking and self-assurance is "Das Ka Dhamki." Vishwak Sen continues to demonstrate that he is a man of his word and promises. Both its commercial components and content are amusing the telugu public. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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