Fans were ecstatic on the eve of Sri Rama Navami when the producers of Superstar prabhas Adipurush released a new poster showing the actor and actress kriti sanon in the traditional Sitarama poses with Lakshmana and Hanuman. What's more surprising is that some northern audiences are currently talking about Jr. ntr while debating Prabhas.

It seems as though the idea of prabhas portraying Lord Rama on film is both surprising and shocking. While no one is currently producing a Ramayana movie, back in the day, actors like Sr. ntr, Sobhan Babu, suman in Telugu, and Arun Goyal in hindi would dress as Lord Rama. Only Nandamuri balakrishna has accomplished it in the current generation, but the Sri Rama Rajyam movie is unknown to the northern public. They are now claiming that even rrr actor Jr. ntr, then just 13 years old, portrayed the part of Rama.

In the 1997 film bala Ramayanam, which was directed by gunasekhar and starred Jr. ntr as Lord Rama, the movie was a huge success. As a result of the actor's success as bheem in rrr, bollywood people are now discussing his Lord Rama avatar on the night of Sri Rama Navami.

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