Don't repeat this mistake, this is the punishment..!?

When producer Ravinder posted a photo as a single, many netizens started a divorce controversy, and now he has responded with a cute post, Mahalakshmi. Ravinder chandrasekhar is famous for producing a few movies in tamil cinema. While he was already married and divorced his first wife, he married famous serial actress Mahalakshmi last year after dating for more than one and a half years. The couple got married in tirupati last year. After the photos were released, many people not only expressed their congratulations but also criticized the couple. Especially Mahalakshmi... They were saying that she married Ravinder because she wanted his money. Similarly, with the marriage ceremony, Ravinder - Mahalakshmi was given over 200 jewels, a big bungalow, a golden bed, expensive silk sarees, etc. as a gift. Also, both of them responded to the criticisms about their marriage by giving various interviews together. Similarly, Ravinder and Mahalakshmi used to publish romantic photos on their social media to express their love, but for the past week, Ravinder - has published photos taken as a single and given a very sad captain. In the post, he wrote that they live to love. Smile in difficult times, because they will only be happy in your sadness. netizens who saw this post, questioned if Ravindran had a fight with Mahalakshmi and expressed their opinions. Following this, they started spreading rumors that Ravinder is going to get a divorce by publishing a picture of him being single again.Seeing this, Mahalakshmi posted a post in a very cool way to put an end to this rumor, which is now going viral. She posted a cute photo with her husband. How many times has she has told not to post a picture alone on Instagram? Now look again at social media, they are publishing news that they both have broken up. After this, if he repeats this mistake, he will have to eat her favorite, Semiya Upuma. Mahalakshmi also told some YouTubers who are spreading rumors, about how her mind voice is, and captioned it very coolly, there is no end to this. Also, Mahalakshmi said that they are always a very happy couple.

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