Mem Famous came out over the weekend. Since then, the movie has been the target of social media trolls, which is a problem for most movies. The creators, though, seem to have taken the online animosity far too literally. Producers of Chai Bisket, sharath and Anurag Reddy, called out the haters on social media in a press conference today.

"It is simple to post comments about us on social media while remaining anonymous. Please refrain from calling us offensive names. Come out in public, we'll choose a spot, sit face to face, and you may troll us there if you have an issue with our movie. If we decide it is worthwhile, we will consider your opinion, sharath stated. They said, "When mahesh babu sir posted on our behalf, there was a lot of hostility and trolls. We even thought that perhaps we shouldn't have included him in this. Such was the level of hatred we encountered.

The producers are shown challenging the trolls to a face-to-face conversation, showing that they have definitely taken all the online animosity to heart. While their confidence in their product is justified, confronting social media trolls would not be a successful strategy considering that they are an integral part of the telugu film industry.

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