Boyapati Srinu, a well-known filmmaker renowned for his hit flicks Simha, Legend, Sarrainodu, and akhanda, has made yet another intriguing transaction in the business. One of the top telugu film production companies, geetha arts, has announced that it would work with boyapati srinu on an upcoming movie. After "Sarrainodu's" enormous success, fans have been anticipating the director's next project with great anticipation.

Boyapati Srinu has made a name for himself as a dominant force in the commercial entertainment industry. He is renowned for his thrilling action scenes, oversized characters, and compelling narratives. Audiences have responded well to his prior collaborations with geetha arts, which heightens interest in their future endeavor.

In spite of the fact that the partnership had been eagerly anticipated, boyapati had been busy with other endeavors. The filmmaker is now collaborating with ram pothineni on a large-scale action drama, and he will also be collaborating with balakrishna on the akhanda sequel. Probably following these two endeavors will be the geetha arts movie. Fans can anticipate a visual spectacle with the potent storyline, thrilling action sequences, and top-notch acting in boyapati Srinu's upcoming film for geetha arts, although specifics have not yet been made public.

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