Producer AM Ratnam and director krish Jagarlamudi contacted Powerstar pawan kalyan with this epic theme when he was preoccupied with his political responsibilities and began carving hari Hara Veera Mallu. Only 50% of the work was completed even three years into the production, leaving many to question what went wrong.

Putting his heart and all into the movie, pawan kalyan not only began filming in the sweltering summer of 2021, but he also studied several martial arts styles. Some claim that even the powerful rajamouli wouldn't take this long to complete the shoot, which is why krish is taking so long. Some people also criticise pawan kalyan for not providing release dates for the film. As opposed to HHVM, PK provided dates for the shooting of songs for the films #BRO, #OG, and Ustaad Bhagat Singh at the end of June.

Many are questioning why pawan kalyan is not getting involved to expedite the situation since interest levels for the producer AM Ratnam are rising. Since only he would have BRO and OG planned for a release as those films are most likely to be completed without fail once the election calendar is known, the janasena president will be totally out of touch with the film business.

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