The star hero Ranbir Kapoor's decision to purchase 10,000 tickets for the first day of the film in order to support orphan youngsters in seeing the masterpiece surprised the Adipurush crew. abhishek Agarwal, a telugu film producer, has also joined the league and purchased the same amount of tickets to benefit public schools and nursing homes. And right now, the big speculation is that ram charan, the star of RRR, is joining the crew.

Many A-list celebrities are already purchasing tickets for the Ramayana-themed prabhas and kriti sanon film in order to support charity. They claim that even ram charan is eager to purchase tickets for 10,000 so that he may give them to some of his supporters and helpless youngsters. If that occurs, this ticket-purchasing frenzy alone will do more to promote the film than everything else the producers have done thus far for Adipurush. If celebrities keep supporting the film by purchasing tickets, their admirers and other moviegoers will undoubtedly become very interested in it.

Adipurush is already planning a $100 million worldwide box office debut for june 16th, and if the entire movie is anything like the second trailer, which was just recently published, it might easily surpass the powerful $1,000 million threshold. After everything is said and done, prabhas has to have a massive success this time because his two films after the Baahubali trilogy, saaho and Radhe Shyam, were failures.

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