Kannada hero rakshit shetty reacted to doing films in Telugu. Moreover, he revealed the range of influence of telugu movies on him. telugu movies used to be remade in kannada after many days. But now kannada movies are being dubbed in Telugu. They are getting big success. It is known how much sensation ``Kantara'' created. In the meantime, the film ``Boys Hostel'' came and impressed. Now another crazy hero rakshit shetty starrer movie will release in Telugu. He is coming with the film ``Sapta Sagara Dati''. This movie is going to release tomorrow. In this background rakshit shetty spoke and shared interesting things.

As part of this, he reacted to acting in Telugu. He made it clear that he is ready to act in Telugu. But he said that he will not do only small cameo roles, he does not know how to act like that. He said that he is ready to act as a hero in telugu if he gets strong roles. However, he revealed that he cannot make films as a director. He said that it is difficult to make films because he has no knowledge of the culture and literature here. Responding to the influence of telugu films in kannada, he said that telugu films are particularly popular in Karnataka. He shared his experience on this occasion. He said that during his studies, a friend from the telugu stage used to stay with him, and at that time he saw Allu Arjun's 'Arya'. But he used to feel that telugu movies were commercial movies, but after watching the movie 'Vedham', he realized that such wonderful movies are also coming here, and after that his perspective changed. He said that he is confident that he can play not only commercial films but also such content movies.

Reacting to the movie ``Saptha Sagara Dati'' being made in two parts, he said that there was no idea of two parts at first. However, seeing the chemistry between the main characters Manu-Priya during the shooting, hemanth thought that it should be told in two parts. hemanth will be ready with a bounded script, there will be clarity on what to do. However, during the shoot, they always think if there is anything they can improve. After shooting a part of it, he thought that it should be released in two parts.

Although I was a bit worried at first, I accepted with faith in the story and his vision. After the shoot, after looking at the editing table, his idea of telling it in two parts seemed right. Usually the first part and the second part are released with a longer duration. But we are releasing within seven weeks. So the audience easily moves with the story and the characters. He said that the feel of the movie will not be missed.

Talking about the story of the movie, this story takes place during the year 2010. Associated with cassettes. Then we had cassettes of songs. They include Side-A, Side-B. After finishing Side-A we will play Side-B. With that intention, they have given names to this movie as Side-A and Side-B. rakshit shetty starrer 'Saptha Sagara Dhage Yellow' was a super hit in Kannada. Directed by hemant M Rao, this film has Rukmini Vasanth as the heroine. The movie, which hit the kannada audience on september 1, became known as a classic love story.

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