Everything is not going well in global actress priyanka Chopra’s in-laws house for the last few days. Priyanka’s

brother-in-law Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner have decided to separate. There are reports that both are

going to get divorced soon. Meanwhile, a new controversy has come to light regarding the couple.

According to a report in People, Sophie has filed a case against her husband Joe. Sophie has alleged that Joe has

kept the children’s passports with him. So that he can keep the children close to him. He has stopped the return of

children to England. This is a violation of the mother’s rights under english law. england is the real home of

children. In such a situation, Sophie wants Joe to hand over her passport and she should go back to england with

her daughters.

Joe Jonas breaks silence on Sophie Turner’s allegations

Now Joe Jonas has broken his silence on these allegations of Sophie. He said that when a word like kidnapping

is used, it becomes like misleading. In bad times the legal system is misused. Quoting sources, it has been

revealed that both are ready to share the responsibilities of the children. They want their daughters to be brought

up in both the UK and the US. Let us tell you that Joe and Sophie have two children. The name of the first

daughter is Vila who is three years old and the second daughter is only 14 months old.

Sophie already knew about the divorce

It is being told that Joe had also started preparations to file divorce in Florida. Whereas Sophie was aware that he

was going to file divorce proceedings. At the same time, the florida Court had already ordered the parents of the

children that they are not allowed to go out anywhere with the children.

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