When you leave the theater after watching a movie where all the elements come together, the characters go with you. That's a real thing about a moviegoer. Those who played small roles or those who played big roles remain in the minds of the audience for some time. Such a character exists in the Kannur squad. The name is 'Power Bhaiya'. Kannur Squad's character made those who watched it feel like giving one hit and two kicks. The most important scene in the mammootty film Kannur Squad was set in Thikkari village in Uttar Pradesh. Pawan Bhaiya is the equivalent of Dada there. The fight scene that has created a buzz in the theater for movie lovers more than the climax is probably the fight scene that conquers Pawan Bhaiyya and the villagers. His name is Manohar Pandey as Pawan Bhaiya. He is a model and actor. He is also an ex-student of the school of Drama.

A photo shared by Manohar while the movie was making waves in malayalam is now going viral. Manohan has shared his photo taken by mammootty who is always fond of photography. 'Photo clicked by mammootty sir while waiting for the next shot', the actor wrote along with the photo. And to know who Pawan Bhaiya is, he says, watch the Kannur squad. mammootty company also shared Manohar's photo. After Manohar's photo came out, Malayalees are coming to the scene with wishes under his post.

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