Famous actor shoaib ibrahim is spending quality time these days with his son Ruhaan and wife Deepika. Some time back

his music video with rashmi desai was also released. Now recently Shoaib has revealed about his new project.

Shoaib was seen in Ajooni - Let us tell you that Shoaib was last seen in the show Ajooni. He was liked in this

show, but this show was suddenly stopped. Shoaib had given this information in the vlog.

What is Shoaib's new project?

Now telling about his new project he said, And there is another good news. I can't share full details with you right

now due to commitments, but I am going to start a new project soon. You people will come to know about it

soon. From tomorrow I will be busy in preparations, but I will try to keep giving you updates through my vlogs. I

am nervous and excited right now. deepika further said, Whatever this is, is very amazing. I am very excited.

When you people come to know about it, you will like it. Shoaib was waiting to do something like this for a long

time. Even I was waiting to see Shoaib do something like this.

Let us tell you that renovation was going on in Shoaib and Deepika's house for a long time. Now the house is

ready. Shoaib and deepika have named the house Shoika House. The couple will give a home tour soon.

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