There are many stars whose lives have changed through Bigg Boss. One of them is actor and model Shiyas Karim. Shias, who was only known in the field of modeling, became a star after joining Bigg Boss. After Shias' engagement, an old friend filed a molestation complaint against the star. The allegation was that he was tortured by promise of marriage. Shiyas says that although it discouraged him a bit, he kept going with everyone's support. Shiyas shared the details in an interview with Milestone Makers.

Shiyas raved about making his dream home a reality. 'We lived in a rented accommodation. Moving house was a hassle of lugging all this to each place. No one knew me then. After bigg boss I bought a small house. It was a house built by my mother. I bought it. After giving it, a new house was built in the town.

It is a small house. But it is my palace. These are not things I thought I could do. It takes a lot of money to build a house. I finally ran out of money. I still owe. This is the reality." - Shias Karim said. Shias also talks about his wife. The star also says, "Ours was not love. It was an arranged marriage. We met. We got to know each other, went home and asked. That's what happened. Our Nikah is over. She is now my wife."

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