Comedian kapil sharma and sunil grover had a huge fight in 2018 after which sunil left Kapil's show. Now after 6 years of fight both of them are seen together again. A video of kapil sharma and sunil grover together has surfaced on social media. It is said that the two will appear together in an event soon. But his upcoming show will be on TT platform and not on TV, the makers have officially announced through social media.

 In fact, kapil sharma and sunil Grover's show will be streaming on Netflix. As soon as the makers of the show shared its promo, social media was in a frenzy.


Producers kapil sharma and sunil grover who shared this promo video are back again. Soon their new address will be Netflix. kapil sharma and sunil are featured in the video. When Kapil Says I'm Coming On Netflix sunil Says I'm Coming Kapil can be seen saying let's go together again. Later, along with kapil sharma and sunil grover, Kiku Sharda, krishna Abhishek, archana Purna and rajeev Thakur will also appear in the video.

Kapil and sunil are now united after 6 years of hatred. Fans who have seen this promo are excited to watch this show. However, the makers have not revealed when the show will be streamed.

In 2018, kapil sharma and sunil grover got into a fight on a plane while returning from Australia. It is said that Kapil lost his patience and threw a shoe at Sunil.

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