Basha is the mega hit movie of superstar Rajinikanth. Famous actor Anandraj played the role of Indran in the film as a menacing villain.

Anandraj was one of the worst villains in tamil cinema in the 1980s. He started his film career with the movie 'Erkari Virutta Ayalam' which was released in the year 1988. Apart from tamil cinema, Anandraj has acted in many films in Malayalam, Telugu, kannada and hindi as well.

Anandraj, who has been traveling in tamil cinema for more than 35 years, has worked as a villain with all the leading heroes. He is currently in the second innings of his journey in the film world and many film opportunities are accumulating for him as a comedian. In this case, famous actor and film critic Bailwan Ranganathan has shared some information about his real face.

Anandraj used to be one of the most brutal villains in tamil cinema, but in his 35-year journey, there has never been any gossip about him, because he has always been a man who has his work cut out for him. He was also involved in politics from time to time. The character given to him has nothing to do with his character. Not only that, Bailwan has said that when he made his debut in the film industry, he started acting with a wig

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