Mallika Sherawat, who is one of the leading actresses in bollywood, made her debut in the year 2003 with the movie Quahich. Then he got the reception of the fans with the movie Murder.

This was followed by commercially successful films including ap Ka Surur, Welcome and Double. mallika sherawat became the leading actress after this. He has acted in tamil film Dasavatharam.

And mallika sherawat is one of the very few bollywood stars who have crossed over from bollywood to Hollywood. He also acted in hollywood films including Hlis and politics of Love.

Mallika Sherawat shares about her casting couch experience. He also said that he lost many film opportunities because he did not compromise in Bollywood.

He said that if he does not reconcile with the hero of the film, he will have to withdraw from the film and said that some actors want to keep the actresses under their control.

Many have accepted it and are getting film opportunities. But he also said that I cannot compromise like that.

He went on to say, “If I am acting in a film, even if the hero of the film calls me to come home at 3 in the morning, I have to go. If I don't go, they will remove me from the film. This bad act affected me a lot. Many films left me because I refused to compromise.

I had 65 stories. But I didn't act in a single film because I didn't collaborate with heroes. They say that if I wear a short skirt on screen and give a kiss, I should behave like that in real life.

They asked me why I couldn't be like that in real life when I was acting in intimate scenes on screen. But because I didn't agree to it, I was thrown out of many films. Some men took liberties with me after seeing me act on screen,” he said.

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