Is this the only bad habit of ram Charan..!?

Mega power star ram Charan is rushing with a global image. He is called Mr. Perfect and there is also a talk that he is the son of his father. But do you know the only bad habit of ram Charan? Is this what he has to forget? His range has changed with Oscar. ram Charan, spread the mega family image to the world. Not only that, with Mr. Perfect image.. as a family man. Charan is known. If shootings are not available, Charan spends all his time with his family. Charan felt flattered by a world-famous director like james Cameron. Whatever Charan was like in the past, he has completely changed since the rangasthalam movie. In the past, Charan used to give such a chance to trolls by anti-fans. But since the rangasthalam movie, he has shown maturity in every failure. Charan used to be angry in the past. But now even that is not there. He stays calm. Wherever he goes, he respects everyone, big and small. He gets along well. He talks to fans with love. That's why Charan is now not only for mega fans.. everyone likes him. No one has a chance to criticize Charan. But even though there has been so much change in Charan.. one bad habit is continuing. That means..?
The details of Ramcharan's only bad habit have now gone viral. ram Charan came to the industry with the legacy of a megastar. He grew up with his own image. He reached this level with his talent. chiranjeevi is breaking records and creating sensational records in the film industry. The details of Ramcharan's only bad habit have now gone viral. If we say something, many will get angry. But Charan takes a step back. Charan makes a face even when he needs to say something. Even if it is his goodness, sometimes it becomes negative for him. Fans say that goodness doesn't make us good every time. Not only that, the shyness in Charan. ram Charan used to say that there are people who take this as a joke and trample it in the industry. But the mega power star is not able to avoid bad habits. And now he is doing a game changer in Shankar's direction. While this movie is slated for release, Mega power star ram Charan is going to go on the sets with another pan-India movie soon in the direction of Buchibabu Sana.

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