Are all actresses prostitutes..!? kasthuri in support of Trisha!?

Actress Kasthuri's speech has created a sensation by strongly condemning the AIADMK union secretary's speech to spread defamation about actress Trisha. Speaking about this, kasthuri said... "Today I am going to talk about something that is really bothering me. Recently, there has been an increase in the trend of slandering film actresses. They say that they have mouths and tongues. There is no one there to prove that it is not true. Now Mansoor ali Khan's problem is a little different. Following this, the AIADMK union secretary gave a very nasty interview and released a video about the said actress. He may have personal vendettas and various problems with his party leaders. I strongly condemn the fact that he is saying something that he has not seen, something that he does not know completely, as if he knows it very well. He has also said that he is speaking without evidence.He said that all the people in the cinema are like prostitutes and all the actors in the cinema are like uncles working. Always speak in a general manner. He talks about a particular actress by name. Following this, he also talked about an actor who is in politics. He has said that all the actresses have come. Who gave you the authority to speak with such common sense? Who gave you the authority to talk like actresses are prostitutes and actors are workaholics? This is a setback for many people who want to live an honest life like us and be in public life as well. For more than a hundred years, women have been confined to their homes, but only in a few decades have they come out and become involved in public life. They are overcoming sexual harassment in the workplace and achieving in their lives. But when we come to act in the cinema... then they put a stamp on us. We are doing the film business by tolerating all this. I strongly condemn such slanderous talk about actresses. Similarly, actresses entering politics were here and there together. They have just started entering politics. The actress herself knows what to say. Many people have talked about that.
Kasthuri continued, "My fellow actresses may not voice social issues like me. They are not all ignorant fools. They are human too. They have a soul, they also have self-esteem. They also have personal lives. You can find out all this by saying names and saying that they gave so many lakhs. But he did not see this and said that he did not know.
In this matter, the affected people, the actress, and the actor must take legal action. Similarly, actress Khushboo, who is in the National Commission for women, has requested that appropriate action be taken in this regard. Similarly, the tamil Nadu government and the justice department have voluntarily come forward and said that action should be taken in this regard.

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