Following the filing of a lawsuit about the movie "Ooru peru Bhairavakona," in which a small-time producer claimed that the filmmakers had exhibited premiere screenings without obtaining a censorship certificate, producer Anil sunkara, who is also presenting the picture, candidly described the reasons for the lawsuits.

"I'll never get over the fact that someone who purchased a movie from me lost money. I don't really need to pay when the movie is bought on an NRA (Non-Returnable-Advance) basis, but I've made the moral decision to assist. Profit and loss are inevitable in every firm, and you cannot place the responsibility for losses on others while keeping the gains all to yourself. Anil sunkara responds, "You can bother me with these cases, but you can't scare me," implying that all of the cases had to do with the "Agent" problems and not Bhairavakona's.

Conversely, Ooru peru Bhairavakona, which had its telugu and tamil premieres on wednesday and thursday nights, was released in tamil on friday as scheduled. Additionally, the producers are receiving a lot of encouragement from the premieres' reaction. The main cast of "Ooru peru Bhairavakona," which is directed by VI Anand, includes Sundeep Kishan, varsha Bollamma, and Kavya Thapar.

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