17 Years of Karthi: Although he made his debut in the film industry with the movie Ayudha Kyosha, it was karthi who emerged as a hero with the 2007 film Baruthi Veeran.

Although he entered the tamil film industry as the younger brother of a famous actor, in this post you can see 5 films released in the role of karthi, who has grown to become a great actor today due to his talent and received huge support from the public. His first film Barudhi Veeran will definitely be in these top 5 films. He gave his best performance in the first film and won the best actor award.

"Airathil Oruvan" is the film that was released after a wait of about three years after Baruthiveeran. Although the film was not widely talked about when it was released, One in a Thousand has now become one of the most celebrated films. karthi gave an excellent performance in the role of "Muthu".

Blockbuster hit "Siruthai" directed by Siva was Karthi's greatest commercial hit. karthi stole people's hearts by playing two different characters, Rathinavel Pandian and Rocket Raja.

The movie "Madras" directed by Ranjith in 2014 is a movie with a different storyline. Not only among the public but also critically, karthi won huge appreciation with this movie.

It is well known that the main character of the movie "Ponniyin Selvan" directed by mani ratnam is the character of Vandiyathevan played by Karthi. karthi got a huge reception in the hearts of the people living in the movie as Vandiyadev.

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