Natural star nani has made a remarkable entry into the Pan india market with the movie 'Dasara,' directed by srikanth Odela, which turned out to be a great success and significantly enhanced Nani's image and market. Following this, 'Hi Nanna' also received decent acclaim, showcasing Nani's versatility with completely different roles in both films. 

The actor is now gearing up to entertain the audience with yet another unique concept in the upcoming film 'Saripodhaa Sanivaaram.' The movie explores the intriguing premise of a normal youth who typically avoids violence but turns violent one day a week, specifically on Saturdays. Directed by vivek Atreya, who previously worked with nani on 'Ante Sundarani,' the film is expected to be a complete commercial entertainer, marking a departure from the director's comfort zone.

In celebration of Nani's birthday, updates regarding his upcoming movies were released, including glimpses of 'Saripodhaa Sanivaaram.' The teaser has heightened expectations for the film, portraying a storyline where a non-violent youth's life takes a dramatic turn due to his violent alter ego on Saturdays. The announcement video for #Nani32, directed by the filmmaker of 'Saaho,' has provided a sneak peek into the movie's theme, emphasizing the reduction of violence and prioritizing music.

 Nani is set to portray a powerful role, and the teaser hints at a plot involving the protagonist's transformation from violence to non-violence. Following this project, nani is slated to work on a rural emotional drama set in a village backdrop with director Balagam Venu. The film, produced by dil Raju, is reportedly considering the title 'Ellamma.' Overall, nani is poised to captivate the audience with diverse and intriguing concepts in his upcoming projects.

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