Pankaj Udhas: Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas first got Rs 51 for singing, then became the owner of crores like this.

The entire industry is shocked by the demise of famous ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas. Pankaj Udhas died at Breach Candy Hospital in mumbai at around 11 am on Monday. He was ill for a long time. Pankaj Udhas has mesmerized the audience with his wonderful songs and ghazals. Apart from singing, he was fond of living a luxurious life. So let us know about the ghazal singer's net worth and unheard stories...

Pankaj Udhas was born on 17 May 1951 in Jetpur, Rajkot, Gujarat. Pankaj Udhas has been fond of singing since childhood. The atmosphere in his house was such that his interest automatically started increasing towards music. Pankaj Udhas entered the world of music at the age of seven. When he was eleven years old, his elder brother allowed him to sing in a program. When he sang the song 'Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon', everyone was stunned to hear this song. He got Rs 51 for this brilliant presentation. After that day he never looked back. Pankaj Udhas made his bollywood debut in 1972 with the film 'Kaamna'. After this, he met Mirchandani, the owner of a cassette company, and got the opportunity to sing in the album 'Aahat'. people liked one of his songs ‘Chithi Aayi Hai’ from this album.

Like Pankaj Udhas's career, his love story has also been very interesting. Pankaj and Farida loved each other very much. Both also wanted to get married. As far as Pankaj's family was concerned, they were ready to adopt Farida, but this was not acceptable to Farida's family at all. Later their families agreed to the marriage. Pankaj and Farida got married on 15 february 1982. Pankaj Udhas has earned it by performing in live events and singing songs in bollywood films. singer Pankaj Udhas, who started with Rs 51, was the owner of property worth crores of rupees. According to media reports, Pankaj Udhas' net worth in the year 2023 was Rs 15 crore.

Pankaj Udhas has given many hit bollywood songs and evergreen ghazals during his illustrious career. Even today people are crazy about his ghazals and songs. His most famous songs and ghazals include 'Chithi Aayi Hai', 'Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera', 'Na Kajre Ki Dhar', 'Thodi Thodi Piya Karo', 'Aaj Jinke Kabir Hote', 'Rishta Tera Mera', Aa 'J Phir Tum Pe', included. Not only this, but he has also lent his voice in many films, which include many films like 'Bahar Aane Tak', 'Main khiladi Tu Anari', 'Thanedar', 'Saajan', 'Mohra', 'Ganga jamuna Saraswati'.

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